What is Interactive Voice Response?    

 Calltrol's Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is what powers telephone banking, movie phone, and other automated services. These systems are also known as Voice Response Units (VRU).

Callers may receive information by following pre-recorded messages and entering numbers or letters through the phone keypad as if it were a computer keyboard. The IVR system can recognize, answer, and route your call based on the DTMF/ touch-tones entered.

Anyone with a phone likely has had experience with an IVR system. Most medium and large organizations now require use of an IVR as an automated attendant to direct calls to the correct person or department or to provide frequently requested information.

IVR is used worldwide for purposes as varied as golf reservations, any type of account balance & payment information, academic registration, securities trading and processing parking tickets.

Text-to-speech (TTS) technology allows a system to actually read information such as email to a caller. Voice Recognition allows a caller to speak to and be understood by a system without entering touch-tones at all.

IVR systems can dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of customer service, reduce costs and improve efficiency of live operators and service reps at your place of business.

The best IVR systems today do much more than their past counterparts. Live agent features such as automated call distribution (ACD), call blending and even predictive dialing should be standard or low cost options for any system you consider.

Calltrol's Object Telephony Server (OTS™) software is the product of over a decade of experience and research. Our planning has always pointed toward one goal, the development of the most comprehensive and open telephony products for contact centers.

Anyone can offer an interactive voice response (IVR) system. What sets our product apart is the underlying software technology which can vary significantly among systems.

ALL IVR's ARE NOT THE SAME. The productivity results, reliability, accuracy, upgrades and support all depend on the individual vendor.

Particularly powerful, OTS™ can identify callers immediately and use that information to set their priority in queue or send them to an established IVR menu(s). OTS™ enables programmers to set up an unlimited array of IVR routines for inbound callers. IVR routines can also be built for outbound purposes such as market research or satisfaction surveys.

Calltrol prides itself on offering a Convergence Friendly® truly open software product, that can interface with any proprietary or off-the-shelf customer contact management system. The Calltrol IVR is one of ten features available from the OTS™ telephony platform suite that are sold together or separately. Calltrol solutions are uniquely designed to seamlessly integrate with nearly any existing infrastructure or alternatively provide you with that infrastructure.

Whether you're a developer or user in need, we'll be glad to help you further.

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