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Developers Clock Record Integration Time

With the latest version of the OTS™ Control & Client OCX modules, windows developers have been able to add autodialer and predictive dialer features along with other sophisticated call handling capability to existing database access applications in days.  

The current modules are very comprehensive and well tested. They include functions to enable development of auto dialers, predictive dialers and inbound call handlers, just to name a few. We have also prioritized OCX documentation and keep building working samples to show how the wide variety of OTS™ features can be used in the real world. Of course, all examples include VB 6 source code and the OCXs themselves are accompanied by VC++ source code. This will help non-Windows developers by demonstrating the underlying TCP/IP messaging format.

Take Advantage - Hidden Power of OTS™

You’ve probably heard about how OTS™ supports all manner of call processing functions (predictive dialing, auto dialing and more) that a modern contact center could ever need. We have been building more working examples of OTS™ client applications to help you get started. Presently available on the download site are:

  • Outbound Predictive Phone Dialer with agent "screen pop"
  • Inbound ACD w/ agent "screen pop" & no agent voice mail
  • Supervisor Monitor, Coaching and Voice Logging

We are also well into the development of a generic voicemail / auto attendant system that will fully exemplify the much touted OTS™ Extensions.

Exceed the performance of the World’s most expensive contact center solutions – quickly, with OTS™ Extensions OTS™ Extensions allow you to write complex call handling scripts in a simple “linear” structure. Using the language of your choice, (must support ActiveX DLL's or "Apartment-Threaded" DLL's) you can develop your specific logic and database access without concern for multi-tasking or asynchronous message handling.

Your OTS™ Extensions are easy to develop, are only limited in capability by the language you use to write them and are callable by any control client or each other. That means you can build your phone dialing and call handling logic into separate OTS™ Extension modules that interact with each other for easy maintenance and to form building blocks for future applications

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