Call Blending

The following is a general diagram illustrating call blending. The steps needed to initialize a campaign are omitted.

This telephony server is capable of call blending, whereby agents can be switched between duties and calls can be switched between live operators and IVR scripts. The control application would change the agents' duties according to the current demands on the call center and according to how busy agents are. One example of call blending is to route agents to inbound calls during an outbound campaign to reduce the number of hangups by customers. Another scenario is an inbound campaign making follow-up calls to customers when there is little inbound activity. Call blending can be done using the same hardware and software for each task. Separate campaigns can be established for each task, using specialized agents, or one campaign can be made responsible for handling all tasks. The blending can be done on a telephony server alone or among a server and switches. To blend predictive dialing with a separate ACD, you only need the outbound feature of OTS™.

A. During a campaign, the control application determines that either agents are idle or incoming callers are being ignored.

B. The control application informs the necessary components of a need for change.
B1. The control application tells the telephony platform to re-allocate lines for campaigns if necessary.


B2. It tells the agent application to switch an agent's campaign


SET_USER_DATA (Agent command)

C. Outbound and inbound telephone calls are delivered to the telephony platform through the PSTN.
D. No matter which campaign an agent is switched to, the following occur.
D1. The party is transferred to the agent telephone, establishing a voice connection.


D2. The call data assigned by the control application is sent from the telephony platform to the agent application, which immediately initiates a screen pop. In multi-user environments where only one connection is set up for all agnets, the call data can include an extra field to denote which agent is talking to the party.
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