ICM Group of Companies, Chennai, India
July 21, 2003

We are a value added reseller of Calltrol's dialing solution in India and other countries in this region. We have a call center office of our own to test Calltrol's solutions and see how best we can customize to suit our India based customers providing value for their investment.

In our research of over a dozen top quality dialing solution providers, we found Calltrol's solution work the best. Mainly because, we can embed their solutions into our CRM. You don't need to work in two different systems that are not integrated.

Calltrol's Object Telephony Server is simple, powerful, easy to use, and effective. We were able to integrate the dialing solution into our CRM in a matter of 2 weeks.

Kalyani Narayanan
Vice President
ICM Group of Companies, Chennai, India