The Importance of Open Architecture

By Madeline Bodin

David Friedman believes in being as open as possible. And it's not just that he tells it like it is; he wants his company's dialing system to be as open as possible.

He has succeeded. Calltrol's (Hawthorne, NY) OAPDE dialing system may not be easy to pronounce, but it gets along with everybody. Other switches, software of all kinds.

Calltrol's goal is to provide an alternative to traditional dialers and platform.

"We just want to give you a platform to do everything, not to do everything for you," says Friedman. "You can't create one solution that works for everyone. We give you the platform so you can do it yourself." Of course, you don't have to do it all yourself. Your favorite VAR (value added reseller) may already be working with a system from Calltrol to put together a dialing application that is just right for your industry, your business function or other niche.

As more and more telemarketing software systems offer a predictive dialing function as part of their package, Calltrol stands to gain by being such an integration-friendly system.

"That's my dream," says Friedman. "That all of these companies will be providing a dialer, and it would be my dialer. That with the perfect combination of software and dialing capabilities Calltrol and its partners provide total office automation at the desktop that meets the highly specialized needs of the call center.

Obtained with permission from Call Center Magazine, Originally Published September, 1997